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Healthy diet is very important for a child. Therefore, we have a qualified nutrition specialist in “Levenyatko” kindergarten and cook food using highly professional equipment, combi steamer in particular.

There are 5 meals in the kindergarten: first breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Professional cooks create real masterpieces for little gourmands. They cook first and second courses, desserts, season drinks: fresh lemonade with mint and rosemary in summer and healthy tea in winter. Only spring water is used for cooking. The kindergarten can also provide a special diet for a child if it is needed.

Every meal is tasty, healthy and interesting. Teachers pay special attention to behavior at the table so our children know how to use napkins and flatware, they watch their postures and learn to be polite.

Menu (sample)

First breakfast:
  • Milk porridge or cottage cheese pudding, soufflé (with raisins or nuts).
  • Fruit or herbal tea.
  • Biscuits with sesame, linseed and nuts or cheese sandwiches.

  • Second breakfast:
  • Season fruits.

  • Lunch:
  • First course: borshch (green or red) or soup with toasts, rye bread.
  • Second course: vegetables. Porridges with fish or meat.
  • Vegetable salads.
  • Kompot, juice.

  • Snack:
  • Kefir or ryazhenka with biscuits.
  • Fresh fruits.

  • Dinner:
  • Fish or meat with trimming.
  • Pancakes with fruit sauce, cupcakes, pasties with fruits, porridges with dried apricots, raisins, nuts and fresh fruits.
  • Herbal or fruit tea.